Story Medicine Worldwide









Finding your story


Story Medicine is an ancient indigenous healing modality that carefully blends ritual with the written word.  For indigenous cultures,  medicine begins with words. Myth and legend have the power to heal because they remind us how to live in right relationship to others, the earth and to ourselves.


In Western culture, many of us have forgotten or dismissed our stories. Not only are we disconnected from our ancestral stories, but we also don’t recognize the value of our individual story. Reclaiming our story— especially the wounded part—is how we reclaim our power and is what makes Story Medicine so transformational.

Story Medicine utilizes...

1.   An indigenous frame of reference,

2.   The power of words,

3.   The value and sacredness of story,

4.   Memory as raw material and community resource,

5.   Heart-­centered language for what has happened to us,

6.   Community as we study, dialogue, learn and heal together, and

7.   New self-care skills necessary for working  with this subject.