Mission: To create and support communal experiences of story medicine.
Vision: A world where human harmlessness (Ahimsa) is a primary, living value.
A Work in Progress: Releasing the Pain & Finding the Medicine.

Meta’s Journey

Meta Commerse
Akoma Ntoso – “Linked Hearts”

The Body

1988: Bodyworker – Began her private practice seeking a special theme. Story as healing theme emerged in 1992 with clients’ unsolicited stories of trauma This prompted Meta’s search for her own story, the one she then viewed as something long past, needing none of her attention.

Nyame Nti – “By God’s Grace”

The Story

1994 – 2010: Author committed to healing, continued and completed study of health arts and science, then history and writing in graduate school. She later blended these disciplines into a community-based approach. As praxis, drawing from her community work, her story and matrilineal legacy, she learned to develop an effective modality for self-transformation.

Gye Nyame – “Go back and fetch ones essence”

The Whole Person

2011:  Founded Story Medicine Worldwide for long-form groups and leadership development

2015: Designed and taught classes, workshops, and programs using the modality.

Story Medicine Leaders and Teachers:

Meta Commerse, MFA, CWP is the author of 6 books, including Rainsongs: Poems of a Woman’s Life, The Mending Time (a novel), Blues Doula: Poems by Meta Commerse, and Womaning, a memoir.

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Elaine Chandler – Facilitator
Chris Wells – Teacher
Laura Lengnick – Teacher
Heidi Wood – Teacher
Mama Matanah – Coach

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