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Where Do We Go From Here?

Excerpts from Urban News,

Staff Reports, July 2018

Teacher and healer Meta Commerse leads Story Medicine classes on a weekly basis.

Commerse is a seasoned teacher and healer committed to personal and community transformation.  Story Medicine is an ancient indigenous modality; this iteration blends the power of story with the generative written word, in a form Commerse describes as magnetic.  Past students have found themselves compelled to tell their untold stories, leaving the experience with fresh, liberating perspectives.

According to Commerse, “racial healing” is a term introduced to the world by veteran healers whose community activism far surpassed an expose of the effects of systemic white supremacy on all who live under its influence. “We use a time-tested teaching method engaging the whole person.  Our wide variety of materials is selected to make for an unforgettable class.”

The class is conducted in West African ritual space, where students will have tough conversations in heart language…and emerge changed.




Interview With Meta Commerse

Anna Helgeson interviews Meta Commerse and says of Meta that she:

is a force; a meteor created by the powerful explosion that was the black arts movement in Chicago during the 1960s. Her official bio reads: founder of Story Medicine, certified wellness practitioner, author, seasoned teacher, and healer focused deeply on issues of oppression since the early 1990s. She has worked with groups and individuals using story medicine in numerous formats. She’s a proud graduate of Goddard College in Vermont where she earned her MFA in fiction writing.

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WPVM Interview with Meta

“A Mindful Emergence” interview with Meta Commerse

Native Chicagoan Meta Commerse, Founder of Story Medicine Worldwide, is the daughter of Johari Amini, writer, teacher and leader in the Black Arts Movement of the ‘60s and ’70s, and of the late Paul Commerse, Jr., jazz composer and vocalist. She is an award-winning author of six books and one play, all focused on family violence prevention and healing. Meta earned her BA in Health Arts & Science, her MA degree in History, and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, all from Goddard College in Vermont. Meta is Certified Wellness Practitioner, independent scholar of history and English in Asheville, as well as a mother of three children and grandmother of three grandsons. Her first novel is entitled The Mending Time.

Listen to the interview here


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