Womaning: A Memoir


The hard story is alive, living, needing to be told lest we repeat it. Secrecy and denial cannot hinder or kill the story. It will wait no matter how long to be discovered and told, for our sakes. We will feel it lurking in the soil beneath our feet, hear it in the songs we sing, see it in our dreams and in how we behave, and in how our children behave. Until we tell it, it is always there. Waiting. Knowing. Patient and wise, the story knows how much our survival and healing depend upon it.
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In this intimate family portrait portrayed through the lives of multiple generations of Black Mothers, we get a glimpse of the ways healing can reveal itself until it is fully known. There is a beauty to the symmetry even in the pain of its repeating nature. In the pursuit of truth, Meta Commerse has finally allowed her story to tell The Story.