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“Story Medicine offers an opportunity for writers to show themselves their own vulnerability and strengths all in one breath. I am better able to hear, see and write my stories from a renewed perspective of gentleness and gratitude, and most especially, to stand more grounded in my truth. Story Medicine heals through narrative.”


“If you long for meaning, connection, your voice, a fresh perspective, deep listening, empathy, honesty, and growth, then Story Medicine is the place. It provides the opportunity to reflect and rewrite your story in a safe space. Before it’s over, you’ll see we are all part of the same story.”

–D. M.

“In this class, I learned again that we are not alone. I was surrounded by remarkable people dealing with similar issues within their own selves and confronting the madness that is going on now and has been going on for centuries.

And I explored how writing connects my particular story – from the inner world of the self – with the larger story – being told and written in history.

Surrounded by amazing fellow travelers, I explored how my particular experience with the unseen world, intolerance, vulnerability, privilege, spirituality and forgiveness connects with how these themes play out for others whose burdens have been immensely heavier than mine.”