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Story Medicine for Eldering (SM4E)(C)

This five-week experience is a deep, layered journey exploring our relationship with time.  This class is for participants aged 50+.  We will explore some myths of aging, raise questions, and uncover new approaches to the autumn and winter stages of life.   This class will end in an elder rite conducted by an ordained minister/healer.

This course is offered once each year, in the Spring.

Story Medicine for Racial Healing (SM4RH(C)

This seven-week intensive includes an emphasis on ceremony, group learning and healing.  The experience includes responses to  history, exploration of causes and effects of oppression and institutional racism.  The instruction offers practical tools, employing a multi-media palate of materials.

(Because of the depth of this experience, we have developed a Learning Community designed for students finishing the class and desiring opportunities for more learning.)

This course is offered once each year in the Fall.


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Story Medicine for Eldering Workshop (SM4E)(W)


Spend time with folks 55 plus beginning to explore the rest of their lives, the issues most pressing, the questions they want to explore, the projects that mean the most to them as elders.  Eldering, the verb, comes with its own language, its own vision and mandates for quality of life and meaning.  Join this spiritual conversation and discover your path forward.

Women's Word Medicine: Healing the Mother/Daughter Dynamic (SM4WWM)(W)

In this workshop, we will explore the deep feminine wound and its generational energy BEFORE we take up the issues of separation that it engenders.  Adult women only for the first offering.  Mother/daughter pairs are encouraged to attend.  This workshop may give rise to a new five-week class.


Story Medicine for Money: Meeting, Healing a Challenging Relationship (SM4M)(W)

In this workshop, we will explore the cornerstone of money and delve into some of the most recent (20th century) history of how money has shaped our lives.  We will name the problem and begin to reclaim our power over money.  If you are challenged by money, this workshop may help!  Attendees are requested to bring a money question to the workshop.

Story Medicine for Racial Healing (SM4RH)(W)

This two-hour workshop serves as an orientation to the seven-week course which emphasizes ceremony, group learning and healing including responses to history, causes andv effects of institutional racism and oppression.  It also serves as a registration opportunity.  


Story Medicine for Educators: Tapping a Valuable Classroom Resource

Story Medicine for Racial Healing

What Have You Done With Your Pain?

Story Medicine for the Mother/Daughter Dynamic

Do you Really Know Your Story?


Community Leaders!  We can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your group.

To schedule a workshop, contact us for details.



Story Medicine offers an opportunity for writers to show themselves their own vulnerability and strengths all in one breath.  I am better able to hear, see and write my stories from a renewed perspective of gentleness and gratitude, and most especially, to stand more grounded in my truth.  Story Medicine heals through narrative.
V. M.

If you long for meaning, connection, your voice, a fresh perspective, deep listening, empathy, honesty, and growth, then Story Medicine is the place.  It provides the opportunity to reflect and rewrite your story in a safe space.  Before it’s over, you’ll see we are all part of the same story.
D. M.

In this class, I learned again that we are not alone.  I was surrounded by remarkable people dealing with similar issues within their own selves and confronting the madness that is going on now and has been going on for centuries.

And I explored how writing connects my particular story – from the inner world of the self – with the larger story – being told and written in history.

Surrounded by amazing fellow travelers, I explored how my particular experience with the unseen world, intolerance, vulnerability, privilege, spirituality and forgiveness connects with how these themes play out for others whose burdens have been immensely heavier than mine.



   Internship  Program     

Certified Facilitators

  • Adam, Z.
  • Chandler, E.
  • Lengnick, L
  • Lumb, B. T.
  • Perkinson, N.
  • Xiong, C.
  • Wells, C.


Adinkrahene - Chief Adinkra Symbol

                                                                                                                   greatness, charisma and leadership

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Certified facilitators are our leaders, having first demonstrated the modality in and for themselves within the year’s training.  They are qualified to teach, help shape our SM community with new ideas, and represent this work professionally.  The self-healing program covers three main areas of focus: educate, demonstrate, facilitate.  Interns begin with educating themselves using the program curriculum.  They expand upon their new knowledge and self-discovery by demonstrating through their writings and presentations, the ways in which they more fully express themselves.   Finally, they find ways to facilitate the modality in their work and commuunity.

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