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Blues Doula invites you into Meta Commerse’s life.  If you accept the invitation, you agree to enter a Black woman’s her-story: poems about everyday acts and thoughts that witness what make Black life and living painful and joyful…everywhere that Black women live.  Most of all, these poems are Meta’s witnessing, documenting the transformation and healing of herself through individual and historical traumas, and the struggles to acknowledge how and why they are connected and continual.

The Mending Time is an intergenerational story that traces two black families on the South Side of Chicago.  The book takes an intricate look at the effects of historic  discrimination, struggle, migration and urban life on these African descended people.  Its nugget culminates inside the story, imagination and resilience of the child whose birth joins these two families.  The novel unfolds in four parts, according to West African ritual as described by Malidoma Some’.  It offers readers a Sankofa experience in which to change and heal these cycles.  .

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